6th February 2017

Youth Produced Sexual Imagery (Sexting): New Guidance Launched

In 2015, the MKSCB surveyed almost 2,500 children and young people from across Milton Keynes. Results indicated that over 16% of young people had been asked for a naked image or video in the preceding 12 months. Amongst females in years 10, 11 and 12 the figure was significantly higher, at 44%. Whilst many may define this behaviour as ‘Sexting’, the MKSCB have adopted the term ‘Youth Produced Sexual Imagery’.

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety recently published a new guidance document for schools and education providers, titled Sexting in Schools and Colleges: Responding to Incidents and Safeguarding Young People. The MKSCB have formerly adopted this guidance and are promoting the document to education providers within Milton Keynes.

For those working within the wider workforce, the MKSCB has produced a separate guidance document titled Responding to Sexting (Youth Produced Sexual Imagery): Guidance for Professionals.

We hope that these new guidance documents will help you when responding to incidents of youth produced sexual imagery involving children or young people.