Radicalisation and extremism information for schools – Prevent

The local Prevent Board has a number of resources for schools:

See teaching materials from the Red Cross following the attack in Paris:


MKSB offers the Home Office Workshop to Raise Awareness About Prevent (WRAP) and the EMA Network is able to offer follow up training to support schools to implement good practice. Contact Janet Gleghorn to request traded follow-up support: Janet.gleghorn@milton-keynes.gov.uk. We advise that all frontline staff in schools should have completed the WRAP training as a minimum.

A wide range of information and teaching resources are available, which include:

The birth of a terrorist lesson plan
The birth of a terrorist presentation
The diary of a badman lesson plan
The diary of a badman toolkit
How social media is used to encourage travel to Syria and Iraq (PDF, 673KB)

Advice to parents carers on radicalisation extremism

The Let’s Talk About It website is a useful tool: http://www.ltai.info/

There is updated information about When Chemistry Goes Bang: When chemistry goes bang! update (DOCX, 15KB)

If schools would like to discuss issues around Prevent, contact Thames Valley Police Prevent Officer rachel.mahon@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk or Improvement Partner for Inclusion linda.bartlett@milton-keynes.gov.uk


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