MK Survivor

“I am a survivor of domestic violence. I am a member of the Women’s Aid Survivor’s Panel and currently doing the Freedom Program. I just wanted to say that I thought that the SCR learning Bulletin was brilliant and that the subjects broached were spot on. Thank you, it is reassuring to know that people get it!”

Secondary School teacher, Milton Keynes

‘Many thanks to MKSCB for providing resources that engaged our learners in The Internet Safety Day.  These helped capture pupils interest and spark debates about how pupils can keep themselves safe when using the internet.’

MK Parent

“I just want to say that I thought the training session was very good and informative. I thought the trainer was very good, clear and personable too which helps when discussing some tough subjects. Thank you for offering such a helpful course, with no charge, and I hope you have many parents attending the course. I thought it was very interesting as I myself have consciously kept away from the social networking sites and wanted to hear what I should be wary of but to also not scare my children off the Internet as it is very informative and fun if used safely. Please pass on my thanks to all who were involved with creating the session.”

Sylvia Manson – Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group

“The MKSCB is so important in pulling together all agencies to work in the same direction. Health services play such a crucial role in safeguarding children and young people but cannot do this in isolation. The Board’s work on FGM has been a great example of using the expertise from all agencies to make a real difference in how well we protect children and young people from FGM.  “

Paul Halstead – TVP

“Partnership working between MKSCB and Thames Valley Police continues to help safeguard young people in Milton Keynes; The strong relationship helps improve outcomes for Children and YP”

Safer MK

“We all have to play our part in making our tomorrow better, safeguarding children requires us all to work together.  We must keep teachers, social workers, police officers and other safeguarding practitioners who work with children and young people, up to date with current themes, trends and best practice.”

Jane Held MKSCB Independent Chair

“Milton Keynes Safeguarding is giving the information to children to make them safe and provides help to assist professionals and parents when it is needed. It’s a valuable source of information. ”

MK Young People

“Mental Health is a key concern for young people everywhere. MKSCB does a great job in dealing with this and other important issues that affect the lives of young people in the area.”

Milton Keynes Young People

“Practitioners need to be approachable to children and young people. Professionals in suits and uniforms create a barrier when working with us – we much prefer it when people are relaxed and friendly and easily approachable.”

Our Members