mkscb pin - flatRevised Safeguarding Partnership arrangements have been in operation in Milton Keynes from 1 April 2017.   The new structure includes two Programme Boards – Children’s Programme Board and Adults Programme Board, which meet every two months and report to the Safeguarding Board, which also meets every two months.  Full details of the new Milton Keynes Safeguarding Partnership arrangements are detailed in the MK Together handbook

Health, Police and the Local Authority are members of the Safeguarding Board.  The two Programme Boards have wider membership.  Details of membership, and Terms of Reference for the Safeguarding Board and the two Programme Boards are included in the MK Together Handbook.

The MK Together handbook contains information about Safeguarding Board membership, and Terms of Reference for the newly formed groups.

The majority of groups are now joint – Children’s and Adults – and meet regularly to progress Safeguarding Board priorities.  Details of the new groups can be found in the MKSB Sub-Structure document:   MKSB Sub-Structure Governance Arrangements




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