MKSB Learning and Improvement Framework

Both individual professionals and their organisations need, when involved in protecting children and promoting their welfare to reflect on the quality of their services, and their practice, and to learn from practice reviews, audits, and the sharing of best practice in order to develop and improve. They also need to learn from when things do not work well or go wrong in order to improve and to reduce the risk of similar things happening in the future

Milton Keynes Safeguarding  Board has a Learning and Improvement Framework, which is based on the Board’s Outcomes-Based Accountability performance framework, and designed to support the work of the Board and all agencies to be clear about their responsibilities, to learn from experience and to improve services as a result. It builds on the following principles:

  • There is a culture of continuous learning and improvement in every agency and in MKSB
  • The approach taken to reviews is proportionate
  • Serious Case Reviews are independently led
  • Professionals are fully involved in and contribute to reviews, audits and quality assurance activity without fear of being blamed for actions taken in good faith
  • Families, children and young people contribute to reviews and quality assurance activity
  • Serious Case Reviews are published as is other review activity
  • The Annual Report evaluates the impact of applying the learning from quality assurance and review activity
  • Improvement activity must be realistic, sustained and sustainable

The framework sets out the relationship between different types of review and audit activity, the types of review undertaken and how the learning leads to action and improvements. It also sets out how learning is translated into organisational, policy and process change, workforce and organisational development, and how the impact of the application of learning is monitored.

The framework is underpinned by the requirements in Working Together 2015.

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