Governance and accountability

Milton Keynes Safeguarding Board is a statutory body and in line with Working Together guidance it remains independent in order to provide effective challenge to partner agencies. MKSB will not be subordinate to, nor subsumed within, other local structures.

MKSB has a role in co-ordinating and ensuring the effectiveness of the work of local partners to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and adults. The Board will hold organisations, individually and in partnership, to account for their performance in this respect. However, the Board is not accountable for their operational work and each Board partner retains their organisational lines of accountability for the organisation, delivery and quality of safeguarding practice. When sitting as Board Members they share collective corporate responsibility for the performance, quality and impact of the whole safeguarding “system” in Milton Keynes, for shared improvement activity and for mutual high support and high challenge with regard to each other’s effectiveness.

Our Members