Safeguarding Partnership Policies & Procedures


Adult safeguarding policies and procedures are overseen by the MK Together Partnership and align with the Care Act guidance. The following multi-agency safeguarding policies and procedures should be followed by all Milton Keynes practitioners.

Milton Keynes Inter-Agency Safeguarding Adults Policy

The Milton Keynes Inter-Agency Safeguarding Adults Policy has recently been revised.  Implementation date for this policy is 1 January 2021, and replaces previous versions.

Decision Making Tool

The Decision Making Tool aims to support a common understanding of the criteria where Adult Safeguarding applies and outlines initial actions according to the abuse type and risk level.

Self-Neglect & Hoarding Guidance

The  MK Self-Neglect and Hoarding Guidance v2 has been developed to assist key stakeholders in their roles to engage in effective multi-agency working in order to maximise positive outcomes. Version 2 was approved by the MK Together Assurance Board on 18 May 2021 and is effective from that date.  Version 2 replaces all previous versions of the guidance, which should be removed from agency systems, or archived.    

Adults at Risk – Inter-Agency Risk Management Protocol

This document is effective from 1 October 2021.  It replaces the VARM Policy (v1, 2019).  The change of name and terminology reflects recent updates to the Adult Safeguarding Policy and the introduction of the Decision-Making Tool.  It also now includes a framework for inter-agency discussions. 


Working Together 2018, MK Levels of Need Thresholds and other Inter Agency Policy and Procedures are available to view and download by clicking on the following link: web-based Procedures  Policies and Procedures have been developed in line with ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ national guidance.

To ensure you are always working with the most up to date procedures we would recommend you do not work from printed procedures. If you do print any of the pages to help you with a particular issue or case, you will find that they are watermarked with a reminder that they are only valid that day.

Adult and Children Safeguarding referral forms

If you have a concern about a child or a vulnerable adult, and would like to make a referral, the referral forms can also be accessed from the Milton Keynes Council website via the following link: Milton Keynes Council website.


Consent to share information:

A support tool has been developed through the MK Together Partnership to support all partner organisations with professional decision-making around breaching confidentiality when a potential safeguarding risk is identified.